10 Tips for Terrific Business Blogs

Writing. It’s a chore, isn’t it?

After all, you’ve probably got more important things to do than update the blog on your website.


Well, not quite.

It’s worth remembering that a blog is a useful tool that can help you to promote your business.

Regular blogging will give you the chance to engage with your existing customers and attract new business, too.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out how you can make business blogging work for you.

10 tips for terrific business blogs

Has this post inspired you to sit down and craft your own blog? If not, help is at hand. Get in touch with The Writing Hub today to find out how I can assist with your blog posts.

Infographic designed by Simon Warbrook.

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Website copy for arboricultural company

copywriting website Buckland Tree Care, based in Nantwich, Cheshire, wanted an informative website to showcase the company’s expertise and broad range of services.

I concentrated on the site’s content, while Simon Warbrook handled the design, and we both worked closely with the client throughout the project.

My aim with the content was to show that Buckland Tree Care is able to cater for a variety of customers including housing associations, homeowners and private estates.

And as well as information about the company’s contracting and consultancy services, the site includes useful advice in relation to tree health and other arboricultural issues.

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#Youdunnit crime fiction book review

Youdunnit bookPerhaps, like me, you can’t resist entering competitions on Twitter and Facebook.

After all, taking part usually requires the minimum of effort. A quick ‘retweet’ and ‘follow’ or a ‘like’ and ‘share’ and you’re in the running to win a tube of toothpaste or maybe even a packet of crisps.

So when I was told in a tweet that I’d won a prize, I felt my labours had paid off.

Admittedly, winning a paperback book isn’t quite the same as landing the jackpot in the National Lottery or a two-week, all-expenses-paid trip to Barbados, but I can’t deny it gave my day a boost.

#Youdunnit is no ordinary book.

A partnership between Specsavers and Penguin, #Youdunnit contains three short crime stories, each written by a different Penguin author.

But what is interesting is that the tales are based on the same set of plot ideas – all suggested by crime fiction fans on Twitter.

The #Youdunnit experiment attracted more than one thousand tweets and 675 ideas, and from these proposals a single plot framework was produced. It was then up to the authors – Nicci French, Tim Weaver and Alastair Gunn – to each craft their own version.

It was apt that the murder type chosen was: the followers of one Twitter account are murdered, one by one. And naturally the hero’s fashion item had to be: specs.

I was intrigued to discover how the writers would incorporate the hero’s interests of art deco, breakdance and progressive rock from the 70s. Similarly, it wouldn’t be easy to throw in the life event of winning a spelling bee at the age of 11. Or would the authors opt for the safe option of leaving these bits out, as it wasn’t compulsory for them to include every detail presented to them?

My verdict.

What surprised me most was that each story was so different. This was a relief because it would have been dull if all three tales had been virtually the same. Thankfully, while the writers were given the same plot framework, they did have a certain amount of freedom. For example, the setting chosen was a ‘small town in autumn’ but this town could be wherever they wanted it to be. My favourite location out of the three was South Africa, as chosen by Tim Weaver for his story, Disconnection.

But when some of the more obscure plot details were included, they didn’t always fit into the story that well. However, I was impressed with the authors for facing up to the challenge.

I don’t often read crime fiction but this book has inspired me to delve into the genre further, and it was a pleasant change to read something different to the norm.

Now, over to you…

Would you like to judge for yourself how the ‘crowdsourcing’ (excuse the jargon) crime fiction experiment turned out? You can download #Youdunnit for free. After you’ve read it, tell me your verdict by posting a comment below.

Happy reading.

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Copywriting ‒ it’s no mystery

website marketing copywriting concise Cheshire

Firefighter, skydiving instructor and international spy.

These are all vocations that conjure up images of danger and excitement.

If you meet a firefighter you may be eager to ask, “So, what’s it like to enter a burning building?”

Or you may enquire of a skydiving instructor, “Don’t you ever worry your parachute won’t open?”

And you may be curious to grill a spy: “Are you really licensed to kill?”

But when I proudly declare I work as a freelance copywriter, I’m afraid there is no glimmer of enthusiasm to be seen in the face of the person I’m talking to.

In fact, I’m frequently met with a blank expression and the question, “Err, so what does that involve?”

Let’s shout about great content!

Anyone would think that copywriting is a secret occupation, conducted under cover of darkness.

Maybe a potential client would seek out a copywriter in the following way:

Man 1: “Psst, I’m looking for content. Can you help?”

Man 2: “Yeah, sure, but keep it hush-hush.”

What is copywriting, anyway?

Let me start by pointing out: ‘copywriting’ shouldn’t be confused with ‘copyright’.

Copyright means legally owning the rights to literary, musical or artistic material, whereas a copywriter, to quote the Oxford Dictionary, is:

A person who writes the text of advertisements or publicity material.

Still not in awe of my job?

Let me put it another way.

As a copywriter, I can write enticing web content, inspiring press releases and persuasive direct mail to help sell your products or services.

After all, you don’t want a potential customer to find your home page, read a few sentences, nod off and never return.

Instead, you want people to be so enamoured with your landing page that they click on to your other pages and then get in touch with you direct.

A well written website is like a book you can’t put down

Have you ever thrown aside a novel a few pages in because it’s hard work to read or is simply not holding your attention?

Yes? So why should a website, press release, blog or newsletter be any different?

Ok, copywriting may not be as glamorous as some other occupations, but at least we’re not in danger of being gobbled up by a shark owned by a criminal mastermind intent on world domination.

And while James Bond is busy saving the world, I’d be more than happy to write his blog.

So, 007, if you’re reading this, my email address is colette@thewritinghub.co.uk and you’ll find my rates very reasonable.

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Web content for Cheshire counselling service

Web content Cheshire copywritingCounselling Minds, based in Cheshire, aims to make “counselling simple”.

It was therefore crucial for their website content to reflect this ethos.

Step forward The Writing Hub.

I joined forces with web and print designer Simon Warbrook to produce a visually appealing, clean website with clear, concise copywriting ‒ and no jargon.

The focus throughout was to explain how Counselling Minds can help people seeking support regarding issues such as depression, bereavement and addictive behaviours.

The website also includes a page talking about another of Counselling Minds’ services ‒ counselling for staff in the private and public sector.

A great result and I look forward to more work of a similar nature.

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Copywriting for wedding and event photographer

website copywriting web content North WestThe main focus for a photographer’s website is, of course, their portfolio of images. However, it doesn’t matter how impressive the pictures are, good content is still a vital element of any website.

When Joanne Humphreys was launching her website, I got involved by crafting the words to complement her work as a wedding and event photographer.

Joanne, who is based in Crewe, Cheshire, specialises in using the documentary technique, also known as reportage.

While talking to Joanne, it soon became clear that her use of ‘reportage’ was particularly interesting. Today’s weddings, for example, are a world away from the nuptials of yesteryear, and modern day brides and grooms are always on the lookout for new ways to celebrate and document their special day.

With documentary photography the pictures aren’t posed, so the people being photographed are shown at their most relaxed and comfortable, and Joanne is also happy to include naturally staged images when requested.

For her first blog, Joanne told me how street photography inspired her to follow a path into reportage, and I especially enjoyed the story behind her picture of her friend’s cat being ‘walked’.

As well as covering weddings and events, Joanne also does portrait photography and art nudes.

For her website she asked for content to fit in with the modern, relaxed feel of her images, but at the same time showing that she is a professional with a passion for great photography.

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Balloons and cakes for all occasions

website copywriting web content Cheshire ManchesterThis freelance copywriting assignment was too tempting to resist. After all, who doesn’t love balloons and cake?

I was given the task of writing appetising web content for Choice Balloons and Cakes, owned by Julie Birtwistle, who wanted a new website to replace her existing site. The company, based in Davenham, Cheshire, specialises in eye-catching balloon decorations and homemade cakes.

Web designer Simon Warbrook created a bright, colourful site, while I provided the words to match this theme.

Before I began writing, I interviewed Julie to find out what had inspired her to start her business. I discovered that the balloon side of the company was prompted by a gift she was given and that Julie has loved baking since she was a child.

With the content, I ensured the tone was informal and fun to mirror the nature of the business, but at the same time reflecting Julie’s professionalism and commitment.

The new website showcases Julie’s stunning creations and demonstrates why she’s the right ‘choice’ for people who are planning special occasions.

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Isn’t it time your website had an MOT?

A website is a bit like a car.

This may sound an odd comparison, but bear with me, and I’ll explain.

A car needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly. The tank must be topped up with fuel, the tyres inflated and the levels of oil and brake fluid checked.

Similarly, a website requires a certain amount of upkeep. Hopefully, you’re delighted with the all-singing, all-dancing site that represents your business. You no doubt showed it off to your friends and boasted about it on Twitter and Facebook when it was launched.

But have you done anything with it since?

At this point I feel I must make my own confession. Forgive me, but it’s been a while since my last blog and I’ve not been as diligent as I should have been in adding examples of my work, as and when I’ve completed projects.

Now here come my excuses.

I’ve been busy working on other people’s websites, dealing with my business admin, doing housework, oh, and watching The Apprentice and sunbathing (not at the same time, I hasten to add).

So, I’ll unashamedly adopt a ‘do as I say, not as I do’ attitude here, while at the same time making a solemn vow to post my own blogs and work updates more frequently.

Like me, you probably have plenty of excuses (sorry, reasons) why you neglect your own website. We all have busy lives, with family, work, chores and hobbies all jostling for attention.

But updating your website with latest news about your business, the industry you work in, or perhaps your thoughts on life in general, is a great way to keep existing clients interested and attract new customers. You can announce your update on the social media platforms of your choice, linking to the relevant web page, et voilà, you’ve driven more traffic to your site (I can’t get away from motoring comparisons, can I?).

As a freelance copywriter, I can help you ensure your website stays fresh by writing blogs for you and revamping existing content. Of course, I can also write a website from scratch, if that’s what you’d prefer. You’re then free to use your time however you like, whether that be working on your business, your suntan or watching Lord Sugar tear strips off this year’s crop of candidates.

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Website content for holistic therapist

Website copywriting holistic therapist NantwichKaren Parry called on my copywriting services when she was looking for someone to provide the words for her website.

Karen, who is based in Nantwich, Cheshire, requested a clearly written site to promote her business, Karen Parry Holistic Therapy.

My focus throughout was to explain the benefits of therapies such as Reiki and hypnotherapy, tailoring the content to be appealing to people already familiar with the treatments and those with little prior knowledge. I ensured the copy was easy to understand and avoided including too much detail about the history of the therapies, preferring to concentrate on how they can help people.

For Karen’s ‘about’ page I talked about her reasons for becoming a holistic therapist, including her own experience of the therapies. The aim of this was to demonstrate to Karen’s existing and potential customers that she has first-hand experience of the therapies.

I worked on the project with web designer Simon Warbrook and together we produced an easy to navigate, fresh site, with clear, persuasive content.

Karen was delighted with the results.

See website

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American English copywriting

Copywriting American English website CheshireAn exciting project to write a website using American English for a college graduate based in the United States.

Charlotte Brereton was reaching the end of her broadcast communications course at Florida Southern College and wanted a website to promote her skills and experience to potential employers in the entertainment industry.

Again I worked with web designer Simon Warbrook on the project and the main aim of the website was to display Charlotte’s resume.

I researched other websites for people who work in a similar field to Charlotte in the U.S. and investigated how a resume should be written when aimed at U.S. employers.

I carefully edited and rewrote Charlotte’s existing resume, ensuring the content was clear and well-written, while including as much relevant information as possible.

I also provided the copy for Charlotte’s home page, summing up her background and skills.

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